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Dr. Nancy Meyer is an extraordinary writer, speaker, licensed chiropractic physician, and an iron man triathlete. Her best-selling book Defying Fear: Finding the Courage to Embrace Your True Value isn't just a story—it's a beacon of hope for those navigating through the shadows of doubt and adversity. Through the captivating tale of Lila, a composite character born from the resilience of real women, Meyer masterfully intertwines personal experiences, biblical truths, and profound insights to illuminate the path to unwavering self-worth. This fictional story,

Oliver Asher presents us with one of the most amazing, gripping life stories we have had on our show. His struggles gave him plenty of reasons to be hopeless about life, yet he has written a book about the miraculous power Jesus Christ gives to rise above the worst of circumstances. Hear more about Oliver Asher's faith journey and his joy-fueled mission. You can find his book, Invincible Joy: Chasing God’s Dreams For Your Life, on Amazon, or read more at oliverasher.com. To hear

One of any parent’s greatest nightmares is their beloved child developing a serious problem of body or mind. Today’s guest watched helplessly as his teenage son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and put into a mental hospital. Listen as filmmaker Cristóbal Krusen talks about the greatest challenge of his life, and the book and film that follow his inspiring and touching story of God’s faithfulness. Click here to access The Walk!

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